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A single source destination to get Floron Gas, Floron Refrigerant Gas, AC Refrigerant Gas, Car AC Pipes & Filter, and Pressure Pump..

Mr. Divesh recently turned his dreams of starting his independent business into reality by commencing a distribution company called Mount Refrigeration. Our few months old company is operating as a wholesaler, and distributor of Floron Gas,  AC Refrigerant Gas, Car AC Discharge Pipe, Car AC Section Pipe, Car AC Liquid Pipe, Car AC Filter, and Pressure Pump. He sees the company as a leading company with an  impeccable order completion history and high standards. He understands the fact that success entirely depends on how we maintain business relationship with our suppliers and customers. We are dependable on our suppliers, who are capable of delivering results. We handle every single detail based on excellent communication. Once customers place order, they just do not have to worry about it, as we deliver the order within the promised deadline and of quality expected.

Selection of Suppliers

We market and supply products of those suppliers, who are credible and responsible. Our procurement personnel have performed audits at their facilities to determine the material they use and the techniques they follow in the production.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the success of our company, which can only be achieved by ensuring quality results, avoiding delay in products delivery and avoiding cost overruns.

Market Potential

His decision to select the products was due to the growing refrigeration market; increase in demand for refrigerants, refrigerators, air conditioners, and chillers. With the growth in this market and rising use of AC and other equipment, he analyzed the high demand for parts and components of aforesaid. The factors behind the market growth are many, some of them include the following:
  • Growing urbanization
  • Increasing disposable incomes
  • Improving standards of living
  • Fast advancement in technology
Location Advantages

Mount Refrigeration is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India and wants to perform work across the nation. Not only one of the NCR regions of Delhi, Ghaziabad is a large and planned industrial city. Buying and supplying of Floron Refrigerant Gas, AC Refrigerant Gas, car AC discharge pipe, section pipe, liquid pipe, filter, and pressure pump is relatively easy, as the city is well connected to roads and railways. From our shop in Gurukul Shanti Dham Ashram Nagar, we supply the products to customers in local market as well as regional markets.